Public Deliverables and Dissemination Material

Welcome to the MIRROR Project website’s Downloads section! Thank you for expressing interest in downloading our material which you can find below.

Public Deliverables

D1.2 Data and Knowledge Management

D1.3 Progress Report

D2.1 Initial-Requirements

D3.1 Ethical Principles and Practices

D3.2 Human Rights Implications Checklist

D4.1 Text Analysis Technologies

D5.1 Multimedia Analysis Technology

D6.1 Cross media SN Analysis Technologies

D7.1 Architecture and 

Integration Plan

D7.2 Information Model

D8.1 Theoretical Framework for Migration Process Analysis

D11.1 Communications Plan

D11.2 Project Identity Report

D11.3 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

Research Papers

Grab your copy of the presentation of the paper “Migration-Related Semantic Concepts for the Retrieval of Relevant Video Content” published at the Int. Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Law Enforcement Agencies (AIRLEAs) @ the 3rd Int. Conference on Intelligent Technologies and Applications (INTAP 2020), Gjovik, Norway, Sept. 2020.


MIRROR Newsletter

Grab your copy of our newsletter which summarizes the project’s aims, milestones, upcoming studies and publications! You can download the newsletter as a .pdf by clicking on the download button below.


Our MIRROR poster comprises information about the project’s aims, goals, approaches and presents the members of the consortium. It reflects the visual identity of the project and can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking on the button below.