EURIX is an IT company specialized in design, development and integration of software solutions based on innovative technologies. EURIX is acknowledged for the expertise in integrating systems in different contexts, both for research and innovation projects and customer tailored applications, where a deep understanding of complex requirements and business processes is required to integrate brand new and existing components into a working system.
EURIX core business spans across four main areas: Digital Business Transformation, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Energy Efficiency & IoT, and Network & Data Security. EURIX offers a wide range of specialized services for markets such as Telco & Media, Public Administration, Energy & Utilities and Industry. The company develops software services supporting customers and partners in their digital transformation, working alongside companies during their journey, discovering and improving the processes behind strategic decisions, making them more adaptive and effective.
EURIX designs and implements IT solutions leveraging Agile, Lean and DevOps principles and methodologies, where the customer is directly involved in discovering and better understanding business needs.

EURIX expertise as system integrator covers the whole software development life cycle: analysis of requirements, use cases, software architecture design, software development, testing, release management, change management and deployment. The DevOps approach combines Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, in order to meet customer needs and collect feedback through continuous release of working software, preserving both speed and quality, with built-in security. In the Network & Data Security area EURIX offers consultancy in different sectors: virtualization, cloud computing, internet security assessment, blockchain technologies. Leveraging the expertise in different contexts EURIX has designed and developed a suite of products for Energy Efficiency where Machine Learning techniques are applied to the optimization of plants operation, through intelligent automatic control and smart remote management.

The company experiments through continuous research with innovative technologies. In the field of Digital Media, EURIX has contributed to several research projects funded by EU or national programs related to different Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications, such as automatic content enrichment, pattern recognition and similarity search for images and videos, digital media preservation for video broadcasting, digital archives, memory institutions and for personal and organizational content preservation. EURIX also contributed to the creation of new standards approved by ISO/IEC WG11 for digital rights management.

EURIX is accredited as Innovative SME in the special section of the Business Register of Ministry of Economic Development in Italy.


In the MIRROR project, EURIX leads WP7 “MIRROR Architecture and Information Model”. Serving as Integration Manager, EURIX is the partner responsible for the development of the MIRROR system and the integration of the technical components delivered by WP4, WP5 and WP6. In addition, EURIX promotes and adopts Agile methodologies for software development and leverages DevOps principles and technologies for the MIRROR platform deployment. EURIX is also involved in the definition of the user requirements in WP2, in the design of the overall architecture and information model in compliance to the ethical, legal, and societal guidelines defined, in the preparation of the project pilots in WP10 and in WP 11 (Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation).

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