HENSOLD Analytics (previously called SAIL LABS) is a leading global provider of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. SAIL LABS was founded in 1999 in Vienna, Austria and was acquired in January 2021 by HENSOLDT – it subsequently became HENSOLDT Analytics. As an Austrian linked enterprise, it currently employs more than 20 specialists and regularly cooperates with an additional group of consultants.  HENSOLDT Analytics develops technologies, models and solutions to mine media and text including the indexing of audio, video and text, automatic speech recognition, transcriptions from multiple languages, named entity and topic detection and sentiment analysis. The solutions allow to process and search large collections of media files in near real-time and offer a variety of visual analytics capabilities. HENSOLDT Analytics supports commercial applications (e.g., news monitoring, broadcast news indexing) as well as government applications (e.g. public opinion monitoring, surveillance and intelligence gathering). All technologies, models and analytical capabilities aim to combine traditional and social media and are created with a cross-media, cross-platform and multilingual mindset. Harvesting and enrichment technologies are complemented by backend-technologies based on big-data technologies to store media and make them accessible for rapid visualization and analysis purposes. HENSOLDT Analytics regularly participates in national and international research projects and cooperates with a global network of partners to provide a wide range of services and comprehensive solutions for commercial as well as government customers.

Role in the Project

In the Mirror project, HENSOLDT Analytics leads WP4 on Text Analysis Methods for Social and Traditional Media. Furthermore, the company contributes to work-packages WP5 and WP6 which are closely interlinked with WP4 and which are dealing with the ingestion and enrichment of textual and multimedia data. Existing technologies and components are adapted and extended (according to the requirements developed in WP2) during the course of MIRROR. Further technical work is carried out on the integration of data (data-model) and data-flow (process model) as well as the design and implementation of the backend and GUI infrastructure to access and visualize the results for end-users and evaluation as part of the activities in WP7. Due to their expertise in communication, dissemination and exploitation of results, HENSOLDT Analytics leads WP11 on dissemination and exploitation and the role as the Community Liaison Manager of the project.

You can find out more about HENSOLDT Analytics by accessing their website.


Working on the Work Packages: