Welcome to the MIRROR Toolkit!

MIRROR – Migration-Related Risks Caused by Misconceptions of Opportunities and Requirement – is a research project that aims to generate a greater understanding of how people (from outside the European Union) perceive Europe as a destination for migration. The results of the project formed the basis for policy recommendations and the development of the MIRROR platform and toolset for effective cross-media perception analysis. Find out more about the project here.

Target audience

The toolkit provides methodologies, best practices and insights, which can assist practitioners in the field of migration and border security to improve their processes and policies. The target audience for the MIRROR toolkit is composed of EU national border agencies (NBA), EU agencies (EBA) performing border security policy and/or being involved in migration-related policy-making, international organizations dealing with migrants (e.g. United Nations – International Organization for Migration), civil society working in the field of migration (local, national and international NGOs) and researchers working on migration-related issues. Should other categories of end-users be identified during the project’s implementation they will be added to the target audiences.

Migration-Related Risks Caused by Misconceptions of Opportunities and Requirement

MIRROR has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation action program under grant agreement No 832921.

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