University of Malta (UM) – Department of Information Policy and Governance

Over the past ten years the Department of Information Policy and Governance at the UM has led international efforts to formalise the theoretical underpinnings and applied-side methodologies of the emerging discipline today recognized as security science. This has included devising and coordinating SEC collaborative research projects including the EU FP7 SMART project on smart surveillance as well as co-establishing the first European Joint PhD in Security Science through Networked Technologies, Information Policy and Law (ESSENTIAL).
The Department of Information Policy and Governance grew from the Law & IT Research Unit (LITRU) established in 1988. It originally focused on legal implications and applications of information technology but has since widened its interests to include most facets of the flow of information within society and the resultant impact on security. Its research areas nowadays range from internet governance and digital evidence to oversight of intelligence and law enforcement agencies, radicalization and hate speech.


In the MIRROR Project, UM will lead WP 9 (Threat Analysis & Actionable Insights) and WP 10 (Pilots, Evaluation and Validation). In this role the research team will use their knowledge of the internal workings of security agencies (law enforcement, armed forces and intelligence) to ensure a smooth and efficient adoption of the MIRROR system. Moreover, UM will work together with both the MIRROR technical partners and the end-users to identify suitable ways in which to transform the output of the project system into actionable intelligence and guidelines that could be successfully used in operational contexts. Based on its competence in Security research UM will also take on the role of Security Advisor for the project.

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