Knowledge and Innovation Srls (K&I) is an independent research institute based in Rome. Its mission is to study social dynamics related to the shift to late modernity through promotion of fundamental and applied research on issues such as emergence of the knowledge society, crisis of the state and the transformation of governance systems, processes of innovation, processes of globalization and the evolution of welfare systems, the gender dimension in scientific research, the relations between security, surveillance and privacy in the digital age.


Within the MIRROR project, K&I is leading two tasks of Work Package 3 (“Legal, Societal & Ethical framework”), devoted to the factors influencing the social acceptance of the project’s proposed solutions, and the societal issues of migration. In order to manage the emerging issues related to the social acceptance of MIRROR technologies, a task force has been created with the aim to better define the future features of the MIRROR System. This task-force and its’ knowledge outputs are managed by K&I.

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